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March 2012 Newsletter

March 2012 Newsletter

Is there anything that celebrates Spring as happily as the heady perfume of orange blossoms?

Breathing in these wonderful scented breezes from citrus groves in the surrounding neighborhood inspired me to paint “Red Cross” below. The palette, a spectrum of oranges and whites, is a departure for me and the possibilities in that direction are intriguing for further investigation.  Now if only I can provide the “bouquet”!

“Red X” 48”x36”x2”


Annual Show in the Desert

My annual show at Desert Art Collection in Palm Desert, Californiaopened March 1 with a collection entitled “The Sum of Its Parts”. The exhibit will run through April 4. I do hope if you’re in Southern California you’ll visit this  unique art gallery to view my collection of new paintings which includes the triptych “Green X”.


 “Green X” 36″x48″x2″


2011 Redlands Area Studio Tour

One Sunday last December four local artists and I opened our studios to collectors and others interested in viewing art. We had an opportunity to show visitors where and how we work. This was the first such event in this area and it proved to be a huge success. Many of you who had occasion to visit suggested making it a two-day event – a distinct possibility!

Don’t Miss

the ongoing exhibit “Clay’s Tectonic Shift 1956-1968” at the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery in Claremont, California. Running through April 8, the exhibit showcases several iconic pieces by Peter Voulkos, John Mason and Ken Price. These three artists changed our perception of clay as a medium used solely in craft, to clay as a valid material for making fine art.


“Cross Form” John Mason 1962-63


“Black Profile” Peter Voulkos 1959

I’ll end this Newsletter to you with my best wishes and another recently completed painting.


“Weightless” 66”x48”x2”

September Newsletter

Do you think it’s true that… the whole is greater than the sum of its parts? I think it’s especially true in the visual arts, where the eye will often make its own visual connections to successfully resolve or enrich an image. Recent Discovery… The Oceanside Art Museum just north of San Diego! On aContinue Reading

July Newsletter

July Newsletter

Inspiration  What Is It? How Does One Get It?   Sometimes, I might find I have more to say about one of my previous ideas. Recently as I reviewed a series I painted three or four years ago exploring the act or state of suspending various shapes, objects or letters. I found myself excited by aContinue Reading

March Newsletter

March Newsletter

Greetings… to you who’ve expressed interest in my art –  this newsletter is for you! I’ve entered the 21st century and have decided to start sending occasional email newsletters. In this and future mailings, I’ll tell you about the latest paintings, shows, ideas, techniques. On exhibit now . . . By the time you readContinue Reading